Tuesday, June 27th, 2017


At the beginning of this year, we established the goals that we are striving to achieve:

> Increase Pass/Fail rate in all grades by 10%

> Increase SAT Scores by 10%

> Increase Graduation Rate by 5%

> Increase opportunities for students to engage using Common Core State Standards

> Increase opportunities for students to engage in presenting in all disciplines

> Increase engagement in Professional Learning Communities

We will focus on:

I.  Student Achievement

  A. Literacy across all content areas

  B. Numeracy across all content areas

II.  School Culture

III. Teacher & Leader Effectiveness

As a school, we will continue our focus on literacy, vocabulary building, building students' communication skills and getting students ready for college and careers. These attitudes, if practiced throughout the school year, will have a very positive effect on the goals we have set for ourselves. ALL STUDENTS MUST BE SUCCESSFUL!