Sunday, December 10th, 2017

School Improvement Plan


After review of territory data, the Virgin Islands Department of Education identified three priorities for school improvement

1. Academic Achievement

VIDE will ensure that all learners

· Can communicate in a variety of ways

· Will be college and career ready

· Will attain academic proficiency


2.Improved School Culture

VIDE will ensure that all learners attend schools where

· Stakeholders are important contributors in creating a positive school culture that leads to high academic achievement

· The professional and physical environment is collaborative, welcoming, and promotes engagement, positive relationships and social, emotional, and intellectual development

· Communication is pervasive, comprehensive and clearly addresses each school’s mission/vision/goals and policies and procedure, collegiality, and activities


3.Improved Teacher Instructional Leader Effectiveness

VIDE will ensure that all learners have the opportunity to learn from effective teachers and staff who

·   Utilize instructional strategies and resources that improve student learning and accelerate student achievement

·   Build positive and inclusive classroom culture that facilitates learning


VIDE will ensure that all teachers and staff have the opportunity to work with effective leaders who provide support, guidance, and direction.


The Charlotte Amalie High School Improvement Plan addresses each priority.  The plan was developed by the CAHS School Community under the leadership of the School Improvement Team.  Faculty and Staff examined school data and completed logic models to identify impacts, outcomes, strategies and outputs, and needed resources.  The following are the ACTION PLANS for each logic model.  These action plans will guide programs and teaching and learning at CAHS.

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