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A paraprofessional educator, alternatively known as a para-pro, paraeducator. instructional assistant, teacher's aide or classroom assistant, is a teaching-related position within a school generally responsible for specialized or concentrated assistance for students in elementary and secondary schools.


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Your role is to help teachers make classroom instruction more effective, efficient and tailored to the individual needs of students.


Paras, if you would like more information and resources, please visit the following sites:

The National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals

Roles for Education Paraprofessionals in Effective Schools

Paraprofessional Qualifications, from No Child Left Behind

Title I Paraprofessional Qualification & Certification (ESEA)

Roles for Education Paraprofessionals in Effective Schools

ParaPro Assessment - ETS

The ParaPro Assessment measures the reading, writing and basic math competencies of practicing and prospective paraprofessionals. In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act, the ParaPro Assessment can be used to certify teacher’s aides and assistants in the instruction of these subjects to school children.