Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Students, remember-you must have a PASS FROM A TEACHER to Enter the Nurse's Office! Thank you!


NURSE/HEALTH SERVICE, 4506 Phone Extension

The health service office is located in building A (first floor) and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. Services include: (1) scheduling students for health screening; (2 ) issuing clinic appointments; (3) administering first aid treatment for minor injuries; (4) referring students with health problems and other needs to health resources in the community; and (5) protecting and promoting the good health of students and staff, which includes ensuring compliance with immunization requirement. No un-prescribed medication is administered by the school nurse.

If a student is not feeling well, he/she should be given a note by the teacher to go to the nurse. The teacher will indicate the time the student leaves class, and the nurse will indicate the time the student arrives and leaves. Students must have a nurse's pass to re-enter class.

Serious illnesses which require frequent absences must be reported to the school nurse.

Students and parents must make sure students' health and immunization records are updated and placed on file in the nurse's office.


For a premium of $9.00, the insurance company will reimburse most expenses resulting from accidents which occur at school or school sponsored activities (including all sports) or while traveling to and from school as per this policy. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE ACCIDENT INSURANCE to participate in sports, physical education classes, labs, clubs, band, vocational classes, field trips etc. Insurance claim forms are available in the general office.


This service is offered through the Special Education Division.

  • A student who is ill or injured and will be out of school for an extended period may receive instruction under these conditions, through the Office of Special Education.

  • A medical referral form will be completed by a licensed medical physician, who must project that the student will be absent a minimum of 10 school days and is physically able to profit from instruction.

  • Students are not eligible if absence is due to communicable disease, emotional problems, expulsion, suspension, etc.

  • The student ' s school will be responsible for providing curriculum materials and assignments to teachers of the homebound on a regular schedule.